Dávid Bacsa is a Hungarian photographer. He recorded beautiful pictures of nature in Iceland – the ice island during his travel.

With magnificent beauty and poetry so incredible, viewers can see the icebergs, rivers and deep pools are mysteriously created by nature mother in every picture.

Iceland is a convergence of many special natural conditions. Although located at high latitudes, this place is cold almost year, but beneath the surface is the smouldering and burning of the volcanoes formed by the geological changes of the two mainland continents Europe and North America.

Brúarfoss – Iceland’s bluest waterfall.
White Ice Cave.

It is said: ‘Go to Iceland without visiting the caves, you lost half the value of the trip’.

Standing on amazing 100m high cliffs, you can admire the panoramic view of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in the snow melting time.

The waves hit the beach – impressive oppositeness of black sand and white foam.

Hverir is one of the most famous places in Iceland. On standing here you can feel the simmering power of the volcanoes hidden under the thick snow.

Every movement stops when you see the mysterious flames in the sky.

Þingvellir National Park.

This fracture is a sign of an area of ​​interference between the North America continental plate and the European continental plate.

An iceberg on the Kvíárjökull River is drifting to the sea, where they are polished by waves before drifting back into the black sand area of the Breiðamerkursandur.

Reynisfjara Beach is the most famous black sand beach in Iceland and one of the most famous beaches in the world. It has wild and impressive beauty and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

In Iceland, you can find thousands of small churches scattered all over the country.

Geyser volcano erupts below the water surface, the average height of the water column is 15-20 meters.

An excellent view of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

After seeing all these photos, what are you waiting for without carrying your suitcase and travel to Iceland?

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