In Japan, you can buy a single use lip balm or bread with the crust already cut off. And their attention to hospitality and excellent service is on a completely different level, even at a budget hotel. We’ve found examples depicting this unique world full of kind people and incredible technology.

We had collected photos that will let you plunge head first into this amazing Asian culture.

Compressed cotton t-shirts

All drivers take care of their passengers.

Smartphone toilet paper

Pringles flavored noodles

Bread with the crust cut off

Carts that help you carry heavy things

“I ordered some pens from Japan and they came with a tiny origami Hawaiian shirt!”

Something about their culture:

This tiny fire engine in Hokkaido

A building in Osaka

The seat pattern on the train tells you where priority seating is.

What part of the Japanese culture are you the most curious about?

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