There are 3 types of computer users: the ones who use their mouse, those who use their keyboard, and those who prefer talking to Cortana or Siri. No matter which category you fall into, you can’t deny the immense usefulness of certain shortcuts and hacks that reveal the unknown possibilities your computer always had. These smart tricks improve your everyday computer experience and give an absolute boost in your productivity and in your security.

We collected 14 computer hacks that will be massively helpful to anyone using their computer for fun or business.

1. Ctrl + T opens a new tab

2. Ask Google about any problem you’re facing before going to a PC expert.

3. For currency conversions, use the Google search bar instead of a calculator.

4. A laptop battery charges faster when in airplane mode.

5. Download any Google image automatically by pressing Alt and clicking on it.

6. Hide your IP address so that nobody sees what you’re doing.

There are various ways that can hide your IP address and make your browsing invisible. First of all, you need to install a good VPN on your internet browser so that it changes your real location. Then, you can download PeerBlock, which also hides your address, and gives you the ability to do whatever you want with nobody knowing.

7. Download “f.lux” to make your computer’s screen brightness adjust automatically to its surroundings.

8. A clean desktop means a faster computer.

If you are having problems with your computer’s speed, it might be the fact that your desktop is full of icons. Instead of having a folder for every little thing on your desktop, you can create one folder and organize everything in there. Next put all your apps in the task bar and you will be left will an almost empty desktop. This action will instantly maximize your computer’s speed.

9. Find out who’s stealing your Wi-Fi.

Isn’t it annoying when your connection is slow because someone else is taking advantage of your Wi-Fi? If you don’t just want to change your password, but also find out who the thief (or thieves) are, then you can download Who Is on My Wi-Fi and maybe go confront them. There is nothing more embarrassing than telling someone that you know they’ve been stealing from you.

10. You can recover deleted files even if you’ve emptied the recycle bin.

11. If you notice these signs, your computer has been hacked.

Millions of people get hacked every day and you might be one of them at some point. Seeing your antivirus being turned off is one of the first serious signs. Also, when you try to log in your computer and suddenly your password doesn’t work, this is another serious indication that something is wrong. Lastly, a sure sign that you have been hacked is if you see your cursor moving on its own. In this case, take your laptop to an expert and try to resolve the issue.

12. Windows + C enables you to start talking to Cortana.

13. Ctrl + Q quits your web browser.

14. Ctrl + I turns the text style into italics.

When combining the “ctrl” key and the letter I there are various things that can happen in a total of 147 different programs. However, the most ordinary and common use of the combo is to turn text in Word and other text editing programs from normal style into italics. All you need to do is highlight the word or words you want and press the 2 keys. For Mac users, you should press the command key and then the letter I in order to perform the same action.

How useful were the above keyboard hacks and how much time will they save you in your daily routine? Please tell us what you think down in the comment section.

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